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Felt LEBOWSKe Fat Tire Electric Bike 2015

Felt LEBOWSKe Fat Tire Electric Bike 2015

With 26” x 4” tires, the LEBOWSKe is the first of the Felt Bikes to offer a Fat Tire electric bike. This powerful bike will take you places no other e-bike will. The LEBOWSKe comes equipped with high-quality SRAM hydraulic disc brakes, SRAM XO1 11-speed drive, and Bosch’s greatest 400Wh battery and 350W motor technology available. If you’re looking for fun in the sun, sand, snow, mud, or any extreme terrain, the LEBOWSKe is just the fat tire bike for you.
Battery: The LEBOWSKe comes standard with Bosch’s latest and greatest energy dense 5.5 pound shockproof PowerPack 400 system, a 400Wh, 36V11ah lithium ion battery. The lightweight lockable and removable downtube mounted battery gives the LEBOWSKe great weight distribution, handling, and ease of use. The charger weighs less than 2 lbs. and can charge the battery on or off the bike to 50% in 1.5 hours and fully in 3.5.
Brakes: The Felt LEBOWSKe is equipped with high-quality SRAM Guide RSC hydraulic disc brakes. In addition to providing very dependable stopping power, these brakes are low-maintenance, and easy to control. With 4 piston brake calipers, no matter how hard you ride, stopping should be no concern.
Drivetrain: The precise engineering of the “best in class” SRAM drivetrain, consisting of a SRAM XO1 X-Actuation 11-speed trigger shifter and a SRAM XO1 X-Horizon 11-speed rear derailleur will ease shifting, making it simple to accurately change gears.
Frame: The Felt LEBOWSKe features a Fat Tire Bosch eMTB Double Butted 6061 aircraft grade aluminum frame. It has a high strength to weight ratio and is highly resistant to corrosion, keeping you on the trail for years to come. The frame also features some unique qualities such as a tapered headtube, reducing stress and adding stability, and a cable inlet system, giving the bike an elegant solution for routing the wires and cables.
Motor: The Felt LEBOWSKe utilizes the Bosch 350 Watt Generation 2 Performance motor delivering up to 60Nm of torque, rated as the best in the industry. The new Bosch Drive Units are fitted with sensors for power, pedal rate and speed with a sampling rate of 1,000 readings per second using a modern 32-Bit processor, the motor seamlessly adjusts to your abilities. In addition, Bosch also developed an automatic gear changer for the new systems: when changing gears the torque is reduced, so that damage to the gears and chain is noticeably reduced. The new Bosch Generation 2 motor systems are extremely responsive, giving a natural and smooth ride.
Drive Modes: The Bosch eSystem features a variety of drive modes to meet a wide range of needs, including the option to turn assist modes off. Turbo mode offers maximum power assistance with the motor contributing an additional 275% to the rider’s pedal power. Sport mode will give immediate power assist for sport riding and contributes 170%. Tour mode is optimal for long tours because of its consistent power and adds 110% to the rider’s efforts. Eco mode is the most effective drive mode to get maximum range by contributing 50% power. Lastly, the Felt LEBOWSKe has the option to turn off all assist modes and the bike will perform as a normal non-assisted bike would.
Display: The dual mode display has two main functions; to allow the rider to control drive parameters, and to display system information, including distance, time and speed. The control pad allows you to access all the computer and drive functions remotely, leaving your hands on the bar to maintain safety and security. To change motor settings while riding, simply push the large, glove friendly keys on the handlebar control pad. This ensures safety and stability, while still allowing you to control the motor for optimal performance.
Functions at a Glance:
  • Five user-selectable power modes to choose from (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo & OFF)
  • Speed: Current, average, and top
  • Trip distance and total
  • Clock and riding timer
  • Current motor performance
  • Remaining Range based on current use
  • Off-Board Use: All functions can still be accessed even when the control panel is removed
  • USB port to connect to your GPS, phone or MP3-Player
  • Motor Assistance of up to 4mph when guiding the bike on foot- WALK MODE
  • High precision distance measurement, even after a wheel change
Top Speed: Like most electric bikes sold in the US, the LEBOWSKe has a top speed of 20 mph in keeping with federal law. There are ways to remove this speed limit for use on private roadways, however the jury is still out on how this will impact your Warranty. Until we get an official word from Felt, we’re going to err on the side of caution. Please contact us to learn about the concerns with making this modification.
Range: The Felt LEBOWSKe utilizes Bosch’s extremely efficient 400Wh battery with a range of up to 60 miles in Eco mode under optimal conditions. Range will always vary depending on use of drive mode, how much you pedal, the type of terrain, and the rider’s weight.
Sizing Options: The LEBOWSKe comes in a variety of sizes; Small (16”), Medium (18.5”), and Large (21”). If you’re unsure of what size would be best for you, please contact us so that we can assist you in finding your correct fit.
Wheels: The Felt LEBOWSKe comes with Vee Rubber 26” x 4” Double Wall wheels, making it a fat tire bike. These wheels are made with 32 spoke holes, Folding Bead, Dual Compound and 120 Threads Per Inch Casing Material. The width and low pressure provides the necessary traction for extreme terrain such as deep sand, snow, and mud, making this a great wheelset for medium-hard trail riding.
Color: The LEBOWSKe is available in Gloss Raw Clear/ Satin Black (Gloss Flouro Red).
Warranty: Felt offers a lifetime warranty on their frames and forks. Felt also offers a two year warranty on the Bosch eDrive Units (motor, battery, and Intuvia control).
Accessories: The Felt LEBOWSKe does not come with any accessories but we can make recommendations based on your needs. Our team has a lot of experience outfitting bikes with additional accessories, so be sure to reach out to us if there’s anything you may need.

Best Use Comfort Cruiser, Sport & Performance
Assistance Pedal Assist
Battery Bosch 400Wh Downtube Mounted Battery
Brakes SRAM Guide RSC Hydraulic Disc Brakes w/ 4-Piston Caliper
Drive Train SRAM XO1 11-Speed, X-Actuation Trigger Shifter, SRAM XO1 11-Speed X-Horizon Rear Derailleur, SRAM CS-XG 1180 11-Speed Cassette, 10-42T
Motor Bosch Performance Line Drive Unit, 350W Output Mid Drive Motor
Range Up to 60 miles
Tires Felt Double Wall Fat Tire Rims 26", 32 Holes
Top Speed 20 mph
Warranty Felt offers a lifetime warranty on their frames and forks. Felt also offers a two year warranty on the Bosch eDrive Units (motor, battery, and Intuvia control).
Weight 48 lbs

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