Thursday, 17 March 2016

Easy Motion Easy Go Race 2016 Electric Bike

Easy Motion Easy Go Race 2016 Electric Bike

Easy Motion Easy Go Race Electric Bike | 2016 - Full Description Coming Soon - Please contact us for more info or to purchase - 631-306-4542
Automatic Care System The integrated batteries incorporate a BMS (Battery Management System) offering a very controlled consumption and lengthening the useful life of the battery if not being used for long periods. The deep sleep mode is automatically activated and allows a battery with just 10% of its charge can be recharged up to 400 days later.
CHARGING TIME The battery can be charged directly form a port integrated in the frame or from the battery itself. Allowing a rapid charge to 80% of the capacity in 1.5 hours
HIGH PERFORMANCE 250w Its design incorporated into the rear wheel allows optimal integration without visual impact and coupling without sacrificing performance. In turn it allows a standard Q factor transmission and conventional gear-set (double or triple plate). Allows the use of conventional gear set and offers minimal resistance in the non-assistance mode. Simple maintenance due to incorporating a patented system of motor cassette removal (Patent EP 2653371). Levels of assistance: - Eco 1:07 - Standard: 1:1.5 - Sport 1:2.5 - Boost 1:3.75
REMOVABLE LCD DISPLAY Functions: · Autonomy information, battery capacity in %, time, speed, total or journey distance. · Selection of assistance mode (eco, standard, sport and boost) or no assist/throttle only · Switch lights on/off. · Choose kilometers or miles.

Best Use Commuter & Urban
Assistance Pedal Assist, Throttle
Battery 216Wh
Brakes Dual Pivot Caliper Brake Alloy
Motor 250W
Range Up to 28 miles
Tires Emotion Race 700x28C
Weight 33.6lbs

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