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Bike thief steals $4,000 electric bike, then calls owner to ask how to recharge it...

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As we explained in 'Underworld Economics: Why are so many bikes stolen?', bike theft is usually a low-return but low-risk activity (sadly). But once in a while, a thief will bite more they can chew and karma catches up with them. This recently happened in London where Ben Jaconelli's high-end GoCycle electric bike worth £2,500 (about $4,200 at today's exchange rate) was stolen despite the fact that it was securely locked and was left unattended for only 20 minutes.
Usually the story would end there, but Mr. Jaconelli is the owner of and the authorized GoCycle dealer for East London.
You see where this is going, right?
Not too long after his electric bike was stolen, Jaconelli got a call from someone asking for a charger for a GoCycle. He found out as many details about the thief as possible and tracked him down.
When he arrived where he lives with 3 of his friends (you never know), the thief was out but his mother was there; she called him and asked him why he needed an electric bike charger?
"A minute later he called me," said Jaconelli. "He asked why I was at his house and I said 'you stole my bike'".
"He hung up and 20 minutes later the bike arrived at the warehouse in a taxi."
The details of the case have been sent to the police who are investigating this theft and possible links to other missing bikes in the east London area. I wish all stolen bike stories ended this well!

Gocycle G2 Portable Electric Bike

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Who is this bike suitable for?

The brand new Gocycle G2 is perfect for getting from A to B. Be it through the city, down to the local town or even across the harbour to pick up those essentials. It pretty much ticks all the boxes in all those cases! This lightweight, agile and easy to handle electric bike is quick and easy to jump on, but also can be stowed away neatly in your office, car or boat for example to offer a neat, practical storage solution.

The Gocycle is for people with a leisurely lifestyle who appreciate beautiful design and clever engineering. This bicycle, designed in Britain by an ex-Formula One engineer, really is a beautiful object to behold. And it's terrific fun to ride! - The Telegraph
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This includes the Gocycle Travel Case, PitStop Wheel Bag, Folding Pedals and a complementary Pedal Spanner.
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Simple, clever, fun

Just 3 words that sum up the Gocycle G2 eBike. This clever electric bike is designed by ex Formula One, McLaren Car designer Richard Thorpe in London, UK.
The idea was to create the perfect eBike, using his experience in lightweight components & design engineering. The lightweight chassis offers the perfect balance and agility through its special injection moulded magnesium framework & wheels.
This whole electric bike is just sheer perfection, from the integrated user dash on the handlebars to the wipe clean framework and components.
It doesn't just look the part. It comes apart too..!

Main Features

You can see that every aspect of the Gocycle has been developed to the highest standards, with the main focus on usability & rideability. The fact that it is so easy to use means it opens up a whole new era of cycling. Just pull the bike out, hop on and start pedalling. It really is as simple as that. This clever machine measures exactly what the rider is doing and applies power and gear changes accordingly. All you have to do is point it in the right direction.. Simple!

Two Wheel Drive

You power the rear wheel using the pedals, whilst the Gocycle works out exactly what effort you are putting into the bike via a torque sensor in the crank.
It then simultaneously powers the front wheel via a powerful micro motor hidden away offering a fast, no-effort, no-emission journey.
This approach also gives the perfect power-to-weight ratio ensuring a smooth ride.
It not only gives better weight distribution, but it means the power is always there instantly when you need it most.
You can either ride the bike as normal and the motor will opt in as required, or you can have on-demand power at the touch of a button in the cockpit.
The dashboard also gives a full display of the rider essentials including gear selection, speed & battery charge state, built into a clean, easy to use cockpit. This clutter free approach consists of just brake levers and a button each side to operate the levels.

Pitstop Wheels

The Gocycle Pitstop Wheels, pretty much do exactly as the name suggests! Without the use of any tools at all. Just use your hands to flip back 3 clips & pop the wheel off.
The design really shows off as you click open one clip it naturally starts to take the next one with it. Simplicity is key!
The wheels are made of a lightweight alloy and take regular city 20" tyres. You'll be surprised just how light they are when in your hands. Both wheels on the Gocycle are identical.
You will never get confused. It also makes refitting the wheels back on after removal simple. Not to mention hassle free puncture repairs! Or should we say Pitstop Wheel repairs!!..
This simple solution to a super easy electric bike design means there's no chain to get dirty or oil, no cables to stretch / adjust. In fact all you have to do is get on and enjoy the ride. This not only minimises hassle but means it's a complete wipe clean product. To keep the Gocycle clean, simply wipe over your eBike, there are no nooks or crannies to get involved with.

Ultimate Control

Take the Gocycle G2 to a whole new level of user control. Although not required to ride the bike, its nice to have full flexibility over what your electric bike can do.
Once paired to your Gocycle through the smartphone app, you can tailor the eBike to your specific needs. Quickly change assistance modes from City, Eco and full On Demand modes.
Want more flexibility? No problem, you can even preset custom maps! Simply use the slider graphs to control when you would like motor assistance vs pedal effort.  Click upload and the map is instantly flashed over onto your Gocycle ready to ride!
The smart phone app opens up a whole new level of features. You can also log certain cycle parameters like distance, calorie burn and even adjust the top assisted speed!
This new application for the G2 models also doubles up as a easy troubleshooting tool & security device. If your bike is stolen and someone tries to pair with it, we can remotely lock the bike down, Genius!.. Also if any future updates come out, you can easily update your Gocycle when connected to your smartphone. It's future proof.

Compactable Design

Need to stow away the bike? Be it at home, in the office, back of your car or even the smallest space on your boat, the Gocycle is the answer.
Its compact and lightweight design, and the fact that it is so easy to disassemble means storage is no longer an issue.
Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to do.
The Gocycle is stylish enough in itself to make nice addition to any home, but should you want to tuck it away, this is easy to do. Why not make use of the travel pack bag too? Ideal for storage or whilst travelling with its roller wheels and easy to carry handle.

Electronic Shifting

As previously mentioned the cockpit is completely clutter free. The neat built in display will tell you what gear you are in. It will automatically shift up and down as the riders pedal cadence increase and the terrain changes.
It will even sense when you have come to a stop and instantly down change down to a low gear, so you can be sure as soon as the lights go green you set off in a flash.
The Gocycle utilises a completely built in, bulletproof, Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub gear on the rear. The rider can also choose their own gear changes using the electronic button built into the handlebar grip.

What's included?

This bike comes fully set-up by our workshop technicians. You can be sure that every aspect of the eBike has been dialed in for optimum performance. Your Gocycle will arrive with a user manual, charger & free follow up service. The Gocycle comes with a complete 2 year warranty on the whole product.
We offer a number of optional packs for the Gocycle depending on your requirements. Just choose what suits you:

Base Pack
At the Base Pack is included FREE with every G2 Gocycle!
  • Kickstand
  • Fold Leg
  • Shocklock

The kickstand is ideal for every cyclist as you now have a handy stand on board.
The Fold Leg supports the Gocycle during folding. The Handy Shocklock is perfect for locking the bike up when not in use.

Commuter Pack
A must have for anyone using their Gocycle for commuting.
  • Integrated Light Kit
  • Front Mudguard
  • Rear Mudguard

The light kit is pre wired into the bike allowing the user to see exactly where they are going, the lights pull power from the Gocycle's battery.

The mudguards are useful for keeping both the rider and the bike itself clean during use.
Commuter+ Pack
Looking to carry those essentials and keep your Gocycle secure?
  • Front Pannier Mount
  • Pannier Briefcase
  • ABUS Folding Lock
  • Anti-Theft wheel kit

This kit allows you to carry important items on the ride with you, by use of a lovely front pannier bag & Gocycle mount kit.
The ABUS folding lock adds security to the bike whilst the anti-theft bolt kit for the Pitstop Wheels adds means they can't be easily removed.
Travel Pack
Looking to store or transport your Gocycle? Then this pack is a must!
  • Folding Pedals
  • Pedal Spanner
  • G2 Travel Case

The brilliant folding pedals fold away in seconds, no tools required.
Whilst the Travel Case not only keeps the cobwebs off when not in use it also is great for transporting your Gocycle, its handy roller wheels and straps mean transport is a breeze! is a Gocycle authorised premium reseller. Our staff have been trained by Gocycle to the highest standard. Our workshop technicians are also qualified in Gocycle mechanics to offer a complete after sales package.

Are you ready?

Gocycle is the only eBike built so compact but with true rider's agility and handling yet it's light enough to throw over your shoulder, the weight is so balanced that if you pick it up in the middle it will not tilt at all.
It's the only electric bike of its kind to offer fully automated controls, built with simplicity and usability in mind. It's a joy to own and ride yet clean and easy to live with. It's versatile, light and compact enough to stow away when not in use, leaving even more room in your surroundings.
Perfect for storing where space is tight, ideal for an office, city living space, boat or motor home.
Just think how Gocycle could benefit you, be it darting across the city to leisurely rides at the weekend, Gocycle is designed to work with you.
Simply choose your colour from the lovely colour pallette on offer. Select which pack (if any) is suitable for you and away you go. Gocycle is tailored to every occasion.


General Bike Specifications

Patented Cleandrive® Shimano Nexus 3-speed
Gocycle Generation 2 updated design, wipe clean frame
Gocycle proprietary, single-sided, 6061 T6, fixed
Rear Shock
Gocycle Lockshock™ 25mm (1 in) travel
Hydraulic disk, front and rear
Gocycle electronic Predictive Shifting™
Gocycle PitstopWheel®, Detachable, side-mounted
Gocycle Performance Tyre (406-50, 20 x 1.75 in)
Quick-folding with reach and height adjustment
Velo D2 Comfort
16 kg

Electric Bike Specifications

Gocycle In Frame Lithium, 10.75Ah, 22V
Integrated Gocycle dashboard display with fuel gauge, speed, gear, efficiency
Gocycle proprietary motor gear drive 250 watt continuous
Up to 64km (40 miles), depending on pedal input

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